Heart of the High Street 2021

This giant willow ‘Heart of the High Street’ sculpture was created by local artist Vik Westaway.  It forms the first community arts initiative of the Creative Cullompton programme. 

The Heart of the High Street project was designed as a consultation exercise to gather ideas from the local community about what creative or cultural activities they would like to see on the High Street.

First, a giant willow heart was woven by artist Vik Westaway onto a wall in the Walronds garden.

Local organisations, community groups and local residents of all ages were invited to make small willow hearts and complete an ‘ideas tag’ where their wishes and ideas for future activities could be shared.  These ideas help to form the Creative Cullompton programme.

These small willow hearts created by members of the local community were then woven into the giant heart sculpture by Vik Westaway to form the ‘Heart of the High Street’.

More than 350 people took part in this art project.

If you have not already seen the Heart of the High Street, why not visit the Walronds gardens to check it out.  

Community Thoughts & Ideas

The Heart of the High Street project generated more than 650 new ideas and suggestions about what creative or cultural activities and events that local people would like to see on the Cullompton High Street.

This ‘wordcloud’ is a visual representation of the ideas obtained during the project. The bigger and bolder the word appears, the more often it was suggested.

It’s not too late to have your say.  We want to hear your thoughts and ideas about what creative activities and events you would like to see in Cullompton.

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